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Master Singers' Season Opener is a Gem
by Mary Nares
October 30, 2011

Moodswing is a jazz quartet from the Bay Area, and Julie Ford and husband Paul Ford were both shaped and trained by [Perla] Warren. Their sound is very close, tight harmony in a classic jazz idiom. Opening with Al Jarreau’s “Mornin’” and ending with the fabulous “Bernie’s Tune” from the 1950s, they delivered a clear and respectful reading of the genre. Yet it was the powerful and haunting “Calling You” from the film “Bagdad Café” which touched the audience with the strength of this quartet’s connection to their [American River College] roots. [more]


National Harmony Sweepstakes Results!!
wilfred_math. ., May 8, 2005

MOODSWING: With two singers from (the former +4db), I was looking forward to what this group could do and was not surprised by the talent. Fantastic arrangements (they rightfully won in that category), and for four voices they did A LOT of vocal gymnastics that were simply outstanding! Paul (their bassman) did a "Harmonica solo" that had everyone's jaws drop to the floor! Watch out for this group next year. . .


by Delfin Vigil
Sunday, May 1, 2005

With four lead vocalists whose collective range hits higher than Earth, Wind & Fire and lower than Johnny Cash, you might expect one of the singers in the Bay Area a cappella group Moodswing to give "American Idol" a shot.

"I dunno," says Dave Duran, Moodswing's baritine. "We don't have any Whitney Houston type of singers in the group. But we've got one guy who can sing exactly like a harmonica, even though he has no idea how to play one. That might impress Simon." [more]


Radio Interview
"Discreet Music," Dean Susuki
April 24, 2005

  • Clip 1 (mp3): Introductions, History, Arrangements, +4db
  • Clip 2 (mp3): Harmony Sweepstakes, Choreography
  • Clip 3 (mp3): Rehearsal process, Classical Music

Inside Joke: Paul consistently calls the host by the wrong name (Dave, Ted, then Alan).